JMC Field Hockey Stick – Textreme Carbon 100 – XLB – Aziel

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1.     Unparalleled Power and Stiffness: The high Japanese carbon content (90%) in the stick provides unmatched power and stiffness. This results in explosive hitting power and exceptional ball speed when striking or passing. The stick’s rigidity ensures efficient energy transfer, allowing players to generate tremendous force and execute powerful shots effortlessly.

2.     Enhanced Durability and Impact Resistance: The inclusion of Kevlar, Aramid and Textreme carbon overlay significantly enhances the stick’s durability and impact resistance. Kevlar is renowned for its exceptional strength and toughness, making it highly resistant to abrasions, impacts, and cracks. Aramid is also highly regarded for its strength and resistance to abrasions, impacts and cracks, but offers a softer feel. The Textreme carbon overlay adds an extra layer of reinforcement, further improving the stick’s durability and resilience.

3.     Advanced Control and Feel: The Swedish Silver Carbon (Textreme) overlay results in advanced control and exceptional feel. This composite construction provides excellent touch and responsiveness, allowing players to maintain precise ball control, execute intricate dribbling skills, and deliver accurate passes with ease. The stick’s construction ensures a strong connection between the player and the ball.

4.     Reduced Vibrations and Shock Absorption: The combination of carbon, Kevlar, and Textreme carbon overlay in this stick greatly reduces vibrations and efficiently absorbs shock upon ball impact. This minimises the vibrations transferred to the player’s hands, resulting in a more comfortable and stable feel during play. The reduced vibrations also help reduce hand fatigue, allowing for prolonged play without sacrificing control.

5.     Lightweight and Manoeuvrable: Despite its high carbon content and advanced overlay materials, this stick remains relatively lightweight. The careful selection of materials ensures an optimal strength-to-weight ratio, making the stick highly manoeuvrable. Players can quickly change direction, execute agile skills, and react swiftly during gameplay. The reduced weight contributes to overall agility and allows for swift movements on the field.

6.     Exceptional Performance and Versatility: The specific composition of 90% Japanese carbon with a 5% Kevlar, 5% Aramid and Textreme carbon overlay offers exceptional performance and versatility. The stick excels in power, control, durability, and responsiveness, catering to players who seek top-level performance in all aspects of the game. This composition is suitable for elite players who demand the best from their equipment.

Bow Position: 200mm
Bow height: 24.5mm
Balance point: 380 – 400mm
Weight: 520 – 540grams




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3 reviews for JMC Field Hockey Stick – Textreme Carbon 100 – XLB – Aziel

  1. Fin Porter

    Before I picked up a JMC stick I was playing with the Grays KN10, and was likely going to move on to the AC10. I was given the opertunity to try the Aziel out and I didn’t give the Grays stick another thought. I’ve played with high end carbon sticks (95%+) for the past 8 years and two of my biggest gripes with them is how brittle they are if not warmed up properly, and the degradation of my touch as I get fatigued – because to get the power of the high carbon count, you get the unforgiving nature that comes with that too.

    The Aziel seems to do the impossible and eliminate any issues I had with touch, as the Textreme carbon overlay adds a very slight softness to the surface, which you only notice on controlling the ball, but is then somehow not there for generating power. I have had it explained to me, and it sounded like typical techno mumbo jumbo, then I used it and had to sheepishly concede that whatever they’ve come up with – works amazingly well.

    I played as a centre forward, and have scored an average of 1.25 goals per game since picking this stick up (12 summer league games (16 goals), 4 preseason (6 goals) and now 4 games into my regular season (3 goals) – and the stick only feels like it’s getting better.

  2. Ryan Winterboer

    I began playing with the stick midway through my most recent season and immediately fell in love with it. The stick takes some getting used to as stopping the ball and passing it flat may be difficult however after a training session it was perfect and a blast to use. I noticed an immediate improvement with my drag flicking and 3D skills due to the extreme low bow that comes with the stick. The stick attracted the eyes of many when I went on tour in Namibia due to its sheer beauty. I highly recommend this stick to anyone who is a midfielder, forward or is a drag flicker.

  3. Gerald Ntelezi

    Stick Review: JMC Aziel

    – Brand: JMC
    – Model:Aziel
    – Bow Type:Low bow
    – Touch Compound: Exceptional
    -Color: Silver grey

    My Perspective as a Player

    As a midfield player, the JMC Aziel stick has been a game-changer for me. It perfectly complements my skillset, significantly enhancing various aspects of my game.

    Key Improvements Observed:

    1. 1st Touch: The stick has notably improved my first touch, offering better control and handling on the field.
    2. Shooting Accuracy: Strikes at goal have become crisper and more precise, enhancing my shooting accuracy.
    3. Skill Enhancement: The stick’s design and characteristics have significantly contributed to elevating my overall game on the field.


    For midfielders seeking a stick that brings about a noticeable improvement in control, shooting accuracy, and overall skill enhancement, I highly recommend the JMC Aziel.

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