JMC Field Hockey Stick – Carbon 80 – 2024

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1.     Exceptional Power and Stiffness: The high Japanese carbon content in the stick provides excellent power and stiffness. This translates into increased hitting and passing power, allowing players to generate greater speed and force in their shots. The stick’s rigidity ensures efficient energy transfer, resulting in powerful strikes and long-distance passes.

2.     Enhanced Durability and Impact Resistance: The addition of a 10% Kevlar overlay to the carbon structure significantly enhances the stick’s durability and impact resistance. Kevlar is a strong and lightweight material known for its high tensile strength. It helps reinforce the stick’s structure, making it more resistant to impacts and reducing the chances of cracking or breaking during intense play.

3.     Improved Control and Feel: The inclusion of fibreglass in the stick’s composition contributes to improved control and feel. Fibreglass adds a degree of flexibility to the stick, enhancing ball handling and touch. This allows players to execute precise dribbling, trapping, and aerial skills with greater finesse and accuracy.

4.     Reduced Vibrations and Shock Absorption: The combination of carbon, Kevlar, and fibreglass creates a stick with excellent vibration dampening properties. It absorbs and disperses vibrations generated upon ball impact, reducing the amount of feedback felt in the player’s hands. This enhances comfort, minimizes hand fatigue, and provides a more pleasant playing experience.

5.     Light Weight and Maneuverability: Despite its high-performance features, this stick remains relatively lightweight. The carbon and fibreglass components contribute to its lightweight construction, making it easier for players to manoeuvre and react quickly on the field. The reduced weight helps minimize fatigue during long matches and enables swift movements for improved agility.

6.     Balanced Performance: The specific combination of carbon, Kevlar, and fibreglass in this stick offers a balanced performance profile. It strikes a harmonious blend of power, control, durability, and feel, catering to players who desire a versatile stick capable of excelling in various aspects of the game. The stick’s composition allows for dynamic play styles, making it suitable for both offensive and defensive players.

Bow position; 200mm
Bow height: 24mm
Balance point: 380 – 400mm
Weight: 520 – 540grams

Bow position: 300mm
Bow height: 24mm
Balance point: 390 – 400mm
Weight: 520 – 540grams



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