JMC Field Hockey Stick – Carbon 50

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Introducing our elite field hockey stick, thoughtfully engineered to deliver outstanding performance on the field. This exceptional stick features a unique composition that combines three high-quality materials: 40% Japanese carbon, 10% Kevlar, and 50% fibreglass.

Japanese Carbon (40%): Japanese carbon fiber, a fundamental element of this stick’s design, offers several key advantages:

Strength and Responsiveness: With 40% Japanese carbon content, this stick maintains an excellent balance between strength and responsiveness. Players can count on powerful shots and precise passes with every play.

Lightweight Construction: Japanese carbon is renowned for its lightweight properties, ensuring that the stick remains easy to maneuver, allowing players to exhibit agility and finesse on the field.

Kevlar (10%): The incorporation of Kevlar enhances the stick’s durability and impact resistance:

Durability: Kevlar’s robust properties make the stick highly durable, capable of withstanding impacts and abrasions, thus extending its lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Impact Resistance: Kevlar reinforcement adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the stick can handle the rigors of intense gameplay and maintain its integrity over time.

Fibreglass (50%): Fibreglass constitutes the majority of the stick’s composition, and it contributes significantly to ball control and overall performance:

Flexibility and Ball Handling: The 50% fibreglass content offers a perfect blend of flexibility, allowing players to maintain precise ball control. Whether dribbling, passing, or executing maneuvers, this stick’s flexibility allows for unmatched finesse.

Shock Absorption: Fibreglass also provides shock absorption, reducing the impact of vibrations when receiving and passing the ball, resulting in a more comfortable and controlled feel during gameplay.

This composite makeup ensures our field hockey stick strikes an ideal balance between strength, control, and durability. It empowers players to excel in the game, delivering a competitive edge in every play. Elevate your performance with our top-notch field hockey stick, meticulously designed to harness the unique benefits of Japanese carbon, Kevlar, and fibreglass.


Bow position – 200mm
Bow height – 24mm
Balance point – 400mm
Weight – 520 – 540grams


Bow position – 300mm
Bow height – 24mm
Balance point – 400mm
Weight – 520 – 540grams



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