JMC Field Hockey Stick – Carbon 100

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1.     Unparalleled Power and Stiffness: The high Japanese carbon content (90%) in the stick provides unmatched power and stiffness. This results in explosive hitting power and exceptional ball speed when striking or passing. The stick’s rigidity ensures efficient energy transfer, allowing players to generate tremendous force and execute powerful shots effortlessly.

2.     Superior Durability and Impact Resistance: The addition of a 10% Kevlar overlay significantly enhances the stick’s durability and impact resistance. Kevlar is renowned for its exceptional strength and toughness, making it highly resistant to abrasions, impacts, and cracks. This reinforcement ensures that the stick can withstand the most rigorous gameplay and endure the demands of aggressive play.

3.     Enhanced Control and Feel: Despite its power, the stick offers excellent control and feel. The Kevlar overlay and carbon composition provide the perfect balance between power and touch. Players can maintain precise ball control, execute intricate dribbling skills, and deliver accurate passes with ease. The stick’s construction ensures responsiveness and a strong connection between the player and the ball.

4.     Reduced Vibrations and Shock Absorption: The combination of carbon and Kevlar in this stick greatly reduces vibrations and efficiently absorbs shock upon ball impact. This minimizes the vibrations transferred to the player’s hands, resulting in a more comfortable and stable feel during play. The reduced vibrations also help reduce hand fatigue, allowing for prolonged play without sacrificing control.

5.     Lightweight and Manoeuvrable: Despite its high carbon content, this stick remains relatively lightweight. The advanced carbon materials used ensure optimal strength-to-weight ratio, making the stick highly manoeuvrable. Players can quickly change direction, execute agile skills, and react swiftly during gameplay. The reduced weight contributes to overall agility and allows for swift movements on the field.

6.     Exceptional Performance and Versatility: The specific composition of 90% Japanese carbon with a 10% Kevlar overlay offers exceptional performance and versatility. The stick excels in power, control, durability, and responsiveness, catering to players who seek top-level performance in all aspects of the game. This composition is suitable for elite players who demand the best from their equipment.


Bow position; 200mm
Bow height: 24mm
Balance point: 380 – 400mm
Weight: 520 – 540grams

Bow position: 300mm
Bow height: 24mm
Balance point: 390 – 400mm
Weight: 520 – 540grams




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1 review for JMC Field Hockey Stick – Carbon 100

  1. Steve

    Really nice stick. Great power and great responsiveness.

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